Marion Needham
CFU Society Secretary

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Information: A Cestrian where football was always talked about at home with my Dad helping to run a local football team – Heath Rangers and my uncle Billy Horsman having been a professional football player and playing for Chester in the late 30’s. My first time watching Chester was in October 1962 against Newport County, a 2-2 draw with David ‘Slipper’ Read scoring a goal on his debut. Soon after that Billy Peters who was the club secretary at the time roped me in to sell the half time draw tickets and it was doing that I met my future husband John.

We both continued to watch Chester through the good days and the bad days, although I must admit my studies for a masters degree in the late 90’s did become a bit of an excuse for me not attending sometimes.

Then of course came the dark day that we were wound up and we wondered what would happen next and a number of people were working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that the city of Chester still had a football club.

Then on 20th May 2010 the club was relaunched at a meeting at the Guild Hall and from then it was all systems go and volunteers were required to help run the club on a day to day basis and I volunteered to help out in the office.

Initially this was on a week by week basis and we now have a more formal rota so I am usually in the office one day a week throughout the year. Then on match days I pick up litter once the match has finished. So working as a volunteer provides plenty of variety and you do have to be a Jack or Jill or all trades.

After Tony Durkin took over as chairman he asked if I would take the minutes for the board meetings but having talked to him it was clear that the role required was the equivalent of company secretary or society secretary as CFU is a community benefit society.

This involves a whole range of responsibilities including arranging the board meetings, taking minutes, ensuring that any follow up action is taken.

I also have to make sure that issues raised by CFU members are considered by the board and one of the ways this is done is through the regular CFU members meetings which are minuted and these are now put on the CFU website.

A big job each year is organising the Annual General Meeting, this is a key meeting for CFU members, when there is an opportunity to vote on any potential changes and also to elect new members to the CFU board. Whatever is done for the board I have to make sure that any business is conducted in accordance with the constitution.

As a Cestrian, I feel it is a privilege to be a part owner of my local football club and that I have the opportunity to play an active part in helping to run the club.